B2B & B2C Website Development

In this competitive market, there is a need to gain a competitive advantage. This can be achieved with the B2B and B2C website design solutions from Orion Designs, a leading name in the world of B2B and B2C web portal development. We do strategic planning to offer you the best exposure in the business game. Our B2B web portals help companies of all sizes to work productively by performing well for a remarkable online presence. This business model is more beneficial for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, as it allows them to interact with specific customers in their niche. On the other hand, B2C is an e-commerce business system that allows companies to reduce their expenses and create attractive offers to boost sales. With the rapid evolution of electronic commerce, we will optimize the growth of your business with proven experience throughout the industry. Orion Designs is one of the leading B2B and B2C web portal development companies in Delhi, India, which offers cost-effective solutions according to customer requirements.

B2B & B2C Website Samples

Our valuable work for you to have clear vision, navigation and strong calls to action for B2b & B2C Web Portals.

B2B & B2C Website Design

Optimized Dashboard

Highly Effective Dashboard for Seller to get to know about sales analytics and analyze individual performance & Upload all the products and Contents.

Bulk Product Upload

Seller can upload there products & the same will be submitted on the website for the customer to buy, Admin can also Bulk Upload the Products .

Super Deals & Promos

A dynamically generated page with listing of all the available deals of the Website to wow customers, you can also generate the promo code at the same time.

Responsive Design

Exclusively designed website with mobile responsiveness to fit to all screen sizes with user-friendly so that your customer can easily navigate and order.

Single Page Checkout

Allow your customers to order quickly & conveniently by providing a single-page checkout interface, It Reduces the time to place the order smoothly.

Instant Notification

Keep your self & Customer informed with Email and SMS Notifications on every order receipt, we have integrated Notification System to notify the alert .

Looking to start your own B2Bs Website Portal?

Start your own online B2B commerce web portal such as Alibaba and other websites with just one click with our advanced B2b web portal development services, Orion Designs is the best B2B portal development company in Delhi, which helps you develop in PHP and MySQL databases. It is a complete business-to-business web portal that can easily make all company lists of any category

B2B Portal will help you list all business at one place for smoother Trade.

Effortlessly create Different Mini Website for Each Business to showcase each services.

Generation of lead for all listed business and for admin as well to increase Lead Pipeline.

B2B & B2C Portal will help you to grow your business in very less time

Also Develop B2Cs Website Portal

B2C Web Portal are used by companies that wish to engage with end user online and realize business goals. The purpose is to make user save their Time when they Search any thing on the website, Portal will give cusrrent Date . B2C Web Portal should be considered ideally by larger corporae clients with established sophesticated supply chains that may be levereaged to complete business Listing.

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All the Dynamic Website Included +

  • Improved Design on SEO Parameter
  • Lead Generation System
  • Promoted in Local Area
  • Fully Responsive Website
  • One Year Support

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Graphic Design

Admin Panel

Payment Gateway

Mobile Friendly


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What are the Benefits
of B2B & B2C Website Development?


Ease of Use

Dynamic website design is prepared with electronic substance administration system or originally CMS. It gives limited space on the site where one can change every page, completely new pages and photos can move in it. Page content is usually kept away from the database located on the server. When the page is asked by the site guest, it is made from the database continuously.

SEO Friendly

The stage is created due to both the web index and the client, allowing your business to allow all of the query items to be more clearly how the clients are attracted to your webpage. All functionality of the dynamic website keeps it as a requirement, which in this way makes your business more relevant to customers in this way. Grow high deals with answers coming in SEO deals and increase your normal movement.

Optimized for Mobile

People groups of portable clients are growing rapidly. Dynamic website stage reduces a portable inviting responsive plan to meet the extremely widespread needs of these customers. Despite the gadget, people are gathering on your site, their experience will definitely be ideal. From tablets to cell phones, ease of use will never sympathize with your business.